Health Office Information

Grant School Health Office Information

Grant School Nurse:  Teri Schloss phone: 558-1437

Health Secretary:  Brandy Lowery phone:  558-3267

Please let us know if there are specific things you would like to be notified of if your child visits the health office or if your child has a health concern we need to be aware of. It is very important that you inform us immediately if your phone number changes so we are able to contact you in case of an illness or injury. Thanks for your help in keeping our Grant students healthy!

Our goal is to keep your child healthy and safe while at school. Grant School follows the CRCSD health services guidelines for managing student illness and injuries. District health services policy states:

  • If a student has a temperature of 100º F. or higher, the parent/guardian will be called and the student will be sent home.
  • Temperature is not the only symptom that influences the decision to send the student home; general appearance and functioning are important factors. After a period of observation a decision will be made to do one of the following:

1.) Call the parent/guardian;

2.) Allow the student to rest in the health office for a brief period.

  • The student is to be fever-free without fever reducing medication before returning to school.

  • Parents will also be notified of injuries that appear to require medical attention.

In addition, Grant health office staff uses their best judgment about when to call a parent and generally notifies parents regarding the following:

  • Any bump or injury to the head.

  • Significant scrapes or bruises.

  • Injuries to younger students (K-1) who may have trouble telling parents how a minor injury occurred.

  • Injuries caused by another student (bites).